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Being a producer of bags and backpacks, we feel responsible for the nvironment and the people involved in out production – now we have been awarded for the actions we took to improve our environmental and social impact: on April 4th, 2017 our experts for sustainability (Michael Damm, Hannes Weber) gladly accepted the German Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2017 in the category ‘supply chain’.

To show transparency in our supply chain is one of the most important factors of our production process. Our goal is to enable every FOND OF BAGS – customer to reconstruct where and under which conditions our products have been manufactured and which ressources have been used in the process.

Extract from the jury decision:

“Based on their integral CSR-approach in combination with a high degree of authenticity and credibility, the jury favored FOND OF BAGS as leading award winner. Also in comparison to applications submitted in previous years, this was an outstanding application. FOND OF BAGS tries to improve the social and environmental conditions of their produciton in equal measures: chemical cleanliness is achieved by using bluesign-certified fabrics, ressources are being conversed by recycling PET-bottles, and social improvements are accomplished by integrating the standards of the Fair Wear Foundation-

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webimage-03E872D8-34E7-4D73-A813EFFB2CC0899DGerman Sustainability Award 2016

In 2016, FOND OF BAGS was awarded with the German Sustainability Award in the category ‘smal and medium company’ – a great honor for all of us. We are proud to be acknowledged for our efforts to establish a socially and enviroenmentally responsible production process. Simultaneously, we set the goal to continuously improve the social and environmental impact of our production.

Extract from the jury decision:

“By implementing differentiated sustainability characteristics, FOND OF BAGS revolutionized the school bag market while simultaneously staying profitable. Through focusing on an ecologically and socially compatible production. FOND OF BAGS sets an example on how to build a responsibly acting company. Thereby the company is able to credibly establish product differentiation in the market. Therefore, the jur chose FOND OF BAGS as Germany’s most sustainable company (of small or medium size).”

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