Philipp, FOND OF DIGITAL and responsible for our digital team gives an insight into the digital stategy at FOND OF BAGS. Below, you will find Daniel’s (FOND OF ONLINE MARKETING) speech at Fashiontech.

FOND OF BAGS employs over 180 people by now. A lot of them work in the digital sector. How did this development come about?

Philipp: Right from the start we felt that digitalization played a big role. Accordingly, we hired a lot of great people. It is quite important to us to establish own know-how in advance to including external partners – so we can be sure to gain a deep understanding of the things weare doing.

How easy or difficult was it to recruit digital talents and what did you do to find them?

Philipp: It can take some time to recruit matching, professional people. But the waiting is paying off. For example, we organized meet-ups – rather small and nice instead of big and fancy. They were mainly held with regional people, beacause we intend to create a small network circle. Round about 50 % of our employees found their way to us via personal contacts.

Which challenges do you meet regarding digitalization?

Philipp: Currently, this would be the organization of time and ressources in day-to-day-business. As any collection, bag- collections reach peaks and thus produce times with a great deal to do. We solve this by working together with freelancers, having early kick-offs and clear agreements. Slack and Asana are modern tools we use for coordination purposes. They increase efficiency by far! Furthermore we mostly go without emails and rather prefer personal communication.

Speaking of tools, what’s your stategy here?

Philipp: The whole digital team agrees on the “Best-In-Class” approach. We are fond of flexibility and thus refrain from establishing a single overall software of a ‘monolith nature’. This kind of software solution would create dependencies and would not be able to function as an expert due to its generalist approach. It is challenging, of course, to build a bridge between the different tools. But on the other hand, it is way more effective to have the possibility to use each tool specifically than to be dependent of a single one, which might get overhauled at some point of time.

Certainly, there have been achievements you are proud of – would you mind sharing them with us?

Philipp: At the moment, we achieve success on small as well as big levels – mainly by unrolling really fast. For example, we run digital branding and create Brands by high digital advertising pressure. And apparently, the strategy proofs to be very successful, lately seen with AEVOR, although others say: That won’t work. The strategy also functions for our streetfashion brand pinqponq, although it already arrived in the Evoked Set of the target Groups.

How does digital branding look like at your company?

Philipp: For instance, digital branding for pinqponq works like this: we addressed potential customers within a radius of 6 -9 miles around our retail partners, meaning within close proximity to our points of sale. Online Marketing Rockstars recently mentioned us as a “Best-in-Class” example for Instagram-Advertising with our brand pinqponq.

Honestly:  Instagram – Hype or hymn?

Philipp: For us, Instagram is a central communication channel. In my opinion, it is still an uprising  channel, which is defining its rules of the game between the stakeholders: influencers, brands and customers. A plus from a technological point of view: Facebook ads do not have to be extensively adjusted to be sucessfully displayed on Instagram. Besides, we keep tight blogger relations to reach millions of followers with smart product Placements.

So influencer marketing is a big thing for your company, right?

Philipp: Exactly, it is a big component of our digital strategy. Recently, we actually tripled the total follower numbers of AEVOR with influencer marketing, for example. We always pay attention to brand fit and target group fit when it comes to cooperations with influencers. In our communication wirh them, we point out the importance of a clear-cut declaration as advertisement. We are currently in the process of establishing cusomized methods to make our success measurable. The most important factors to evaluate are the number of followers, user interaction (comments, likes) and cost per interaction.

Finally: are you still looking for new employees? – What kind of people would you like for your team?

Philipp: I believe that our digital team will increase in number accordingly to the company growth. Taking into account our corporate mission bearing responsibility and sustainabilty, we are interested in long term partnerships – whether with permanent employees or freelancers. From time to time, we are looking for people joining our creation (web design, graphic design), online marketing (Facebook ninjas, SEO experts, CRM) and development Team.

Thank you very much, Philipp!

The interview was conducted by Martin, FOND OF CORPORATE BRAND & COMMUNICATION.

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Speech #fashiontech // Daniel, FOND OF ONLINE MARKETING, explains in a nutshell, what the digital strategy of FOND OF BAGS looks like.