Because we are part of an economically globalized world, it is a matter close to our hearts to take responsbility in all areas connected to our supply chain. Our way of approaching a responsibly business management and production is based on three pillars: social responsbility, ecological responsibility, and transparency

To ensure an ecologically responsible production, we developed a system consisting of two modules. While PET-recycling plays an important role in the production of our fabrics, we use the bluesign®-system to make sure that none of our fabrics or components (such as buckles and zippers) are polluted by substances, that could be harmful to nature or humans. Additionally, bluesign® puts a special focus on ecologically relevant topics like resource productivity, water and air emissions, and occupational safety at out suppliers’ facilities.

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How does the bluesign®-system work?

Many of our suppliers of fabrics and components are bluesign®-system partners. As of yet, the bluesign-system is the most stringent approach to ensure a product’s chemical purity. Bluesign®-system partners are required to comply with the ambitious bluesign®-principles and criteria. Thereby, chemical harmlessness in all areas of our supply chain is achieved.

The bluesign®-system helps us to monitor all lawfully regulated substances (based on the REACH regulations formulated by the EU). The bluesign® “Input Stream Management” puts the entire procurement chain as well as the actions of the various stakeholders involved into question.

Exceeding regulations by law, we base our own approach on a list of substances, for which we restricted the use in our production to either a minimum or entirely – the so-called “Restricted Substances List” (RSL). Thereby, all of our suppliers, including those who are not bluesign®-system partners, have to limit the use of questionable substances within the production of our goods.

How and why did FOND OF become bluesign®-system partner?

When FOND OF was founded as “ergobag” in 2010, the founders knew they wanted to put a special emphasis on an environmentally and health friendly production. The very first fabric supplier they worked with was already a bluesign®-system partner and sensitised them for the topic. In November 2013, FOND OF finally became bluesign®-system partner.

The bluesign®-system implies that all fabrics and materials used in a product fulfil a certain standard. Consequently, the system does not only look at the final product, but starts much earlier with looking at the production of the fabrics and components. Therefore, bluesign® is much more profound than other systems.

Thus, the bluesign®-system ensures a responsible and ecologically friendly production from the very beginning. It makes the working space in the production facilities much safer. We want to protect the workers from getting in touch with dangerous chemicals just as much as the end-customers. Also, the system controls the sustainable use of resources like water, gas, and energy. A goal is to promote transparency in the markets and the consumers’ awareness for sustainability and quality.

What does the bluesign®-system mean for the suppliers?

The chemical standards defined by bluesign® are forwarded to our suppliers – irrespective of whether they are bluesign®-system partners or not. If a supplier wants to cooperate with us, they have to comply with theses standards. Those who did not manage to comply with all standards yet, have to fulfil the requirements set in place by the REACH regulation. Still, we do not want to oblige our suppliers to become bluesign®-system partners – as the system requires the willingness to really make a change. To become bluesign®-system partner is a long and cost intensive process. Regardless of whether the suppliers are bluesign®-system partners, we conduct testings for chemical harmlessness of our products on a random basis.

Which goals does FOND OF set for the future?

Because we do not want to stop here, we set even higher goals for the next year:

  1. Until the end of 2019, we want to source 100 per cent of our fabrics and 50 per cent of our components from bluesign®-system partners. Status quo: 85 per cent of the fabrics and 18 per cent of the components are currently purchased from bluesign®-system partners.
  2. Until the end of 2019, we want to be able to produce two bluesign®-products. For a product to achieve the “bluesign®-product” standard, 90 per cent of its fabrics and 20 per cent of its components need to be “bluesign®-approved”. Status quo: at the moment, we carry out a pilot project with our brand “Affenzahn” Soon, we hopefully will be able to fulfil all necessary requirements. Subsequently, we want to transfer our new insights to other products and brands.


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