All of our backpacks are handmade: before bringing joy to our customers worldwide, every FOND OF – product has passed through the hands of various tailors.

We keep a close eye on the supply chain and the working conditions in our sewing factories. We want to share the knowledge gathered by our experts for corporate and social responsibility: we want you to know, where exactly our backpacks, pencil cases and sports bags are being produced.

The individual parts of the backpacks (such as fabrics, buckles, zippers, etc.) come from many different suppliers. In addition, also some subcontractors are involved in the production process. If you want to know who this is exactly, we are happy to provide information. Just write to



We are already quite pleased with our Vietnam and China production facilities and the working conditions in which our products are manufactured in those facilities. Nevertheless, we know we can still do more.

That is why FOND OF updated its Code of Condcut (CoC) in March of 2016. The document contains our specific expectations regarding labour rights, environmental protection, and complaints procedures.

The CoC has been signed by all of our suppliers and is valid until 2020. Because we care deeply about fairness, we will also be conducting further audits to ensure that the manufactureres are abiding by the CoC. In cases, where we find nonconformance to the CoC, we will develop corrective action plans for improvement. Performing these audits will enable us to gain a better understanding of the condition our supply chain is in. Our aim is to provide comprehensive information to our customers on our complete supply chain, from raw goods to finished product.

Why are we doing this? We firmly believe that each individual is responsible for their behaviour as a consumer. At FOND OF we view it as part of our corporate responsibility to be transparent with our customers and partners, allowing them to understand the impact they have on the world by purchasing our products.


Since 2016, our sustainability experts Julian Conrads and Hannes Weber are CSR-Ambassadors for North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, we explain, what it means to be CSR-Ambassador.