webimage-C4D6E704-FC1E-414E-886755CFDE8D3738FOND OF BAGS will shortly transform into FOND OF, with an all-new flag-shaped logo. Why, you may ask? The reason is simple: we want to hone our corporate brand and focus on consolidating a shared understanding of our values. We want to refocus on the “to be fond of” values that brought the founders of our company together back in 2010, something that is particularly important in times of rapid growth.

Here at FOND OF, we view ourselves as a community of shared values, with a playful commitment to performance and a desire to achieve our goals together, as part of a real team. We’re a platform that develops and realizes marketable ideas, that gives each and every member of our 200-strong staff the freedom to work in their own individual strengths.

Sven-Oliver Pink, founder and CEO of FOND OF BAGS, is optimistic about our plans for the future: “During this time of rapid growth, our biggest challenge is getting buy-in from our team, and for this reason, organizational development is our focus for 2018.”

fondof-teamreise-2017-badbrueckenau-atheneadiapoulis-simonhariman-212Over the course of a two-day workshop, therefore, FOND OF’s founding members, CEOs, and staff came together to define the common concept behind FOND OF and bring this concept to life. The result was a corporate map showing the journeys taken by each of our successful brands so far and providing details of future FOND OF projects. The map invites our staff, partners, and fans to explore FOND OF’s values, and can be returned to again and again at leisure. In short, it’s the perfect launchpad for taking our organization to the next level.

Refocusing on our core values and organizational development also means rethinking our logo and corporate design. In keeping with our new corporate map, the FOND OF logo will now appear in the shape of a flag, which retains sylistic echoes of the original FOND OF BAGS lettering and is based on the motto: “Every country needs a flag.”

herleitung logo

In the previous logo, the underlined word “BAGS” functioned as a “stage” and was used regularly in our corporate communications to highlight different themes, e.g. “FOND OF YOU” in our job adverts. This “stage” will remain a feature of our future communications, and so we consciously decided to retain it. Fundamentally, our new logo places the focus on the core essence of our umbrella brand, on the idea that brought the founders of our corporation together eight years ago.

Since then, the FOND OF model has been successfully reproduced across several different brands, meaning that an even greater number of people and products can benefit from our spirit and corporate culture. Featuring a stylized “F”, “O”, and integrated “stage”, the new flag is infused with the essence of the FOND OF brand. It is the first step towards developing an iconic figurative mark for the platform, which will, we hope, convert many more amazing ideas into wonderful brands in future.