The Fair Wear Formula 

This is why we are a member 

With our membership, we commit ourselves to implement the strict FWF Code of Conduct with our producers. What is so special about the FWF is that they not only look very closely at the producers, but they also conduct annual inspections at the partner companies. In this way we ensure, among other things, that the workers are paid living wages and that the right working hours are obeyed. Thanks to the FWF, we can thus fulfil our social responsibility more effectively.

This is how FWF works

The FWF focuses particularly on the sewing industry, as most people are directly affected in this kind of business. Specifically, it looks like this: the FWF comes to us once a year to a so-called ‘Brand Performance Check’ and checks how we perform in our sewing companies. The FWF evaluates, for example, how we can pay living wages? How do we ensure that social conditions in the supply chain are good? How can we support our suppliers to avoid overtime? By taking care of these issues we are already going one step forward!

More distinctive features of the FWF 

Hannes Weber, FOND OF corporate responsibility at our company and superviser of the social branch, is convinced about the transparency of FWF’s work: “What’s unique about the FWF is the Information-Hotline, which is placed at all sewing factories we are collaborating with.” The Information Hotline gives the single sewer a powerful tool and works like this: Everytime a sewer feels discriminated in any way they can turn to the hotline and lodge a complaint (also anonomously) either to an employee of the FWF or to a local NGO. From that moment the company is in charge of launching talks with the factory management and solving the conflict. The FWF serves as a consultant in that matter. Subsequently, the whole process including the solution is displayed on the FWF website.

The FWF is convinced that there is no single solution for workplace injustice. There are many and at FWF they find that solutions work best when combined. This conviction coincides to a great extent with our understanding of corporate responsibility. The membership will help us in reaching our CR Goals (see CR Report 2016 p. 7) and in approaching social responsibility on a higher level.

You’d like to learn more about corporate responsibility at FOND OF BAGS? Just follow the link to our CR website.

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