“It’s the people within the corporation, who set an example of societal responsibility.”


This statement can be found on the social responsibility website of the ministry for economy in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since September 2016, our experts for sustainability (Julian Conrads and Hannes Weber) are officially ambassadors for corporate social responsibility in North Rhine-Westphalia. As CSR-Ambassadors, they carry our vision of responsible corporate governance out into the world. Now they are contact persons for other companies, event organisers and individuals, who would also like to design their corporate or private actions as socially and environmentally acceptable as possible. That is why our sustainability experts have become CSR-Ambassadors in NRW.


Julian Conrads: „CSR means to eliminate as much of the negative impact caused by entrepreneurial actions as possible. It also means, that corporation develop strategies and solutions in their specific field of business, which address current challenges of manhood. That is how corporations are able to create added value – for themselves and for society.“


Hannes Weber: „The responsibility for products and services has often been handed over to the end-consumers. For us, CSR means, that we as a corporation take back that responsibility and make sure, that our production process is as safe as possible for both the environment and the people that live in it. If you want that, CSR becomes a permanent and open-ended process.“


On the ambassador-website of the ministry, you can find an overview of all ambassadors

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