In cooperation with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), we work hard to steadily improve the working conditions in our Asian production sites and we know that, in order to do so, adjustments have to be made on various levels. Despite the fact that we do not own the production sites, we understand that the decisions we make in our headquarters in Cologne will significantly influence the conditions under which the tailors and seamstresses in Asia work.

By joining the Fair Wear Foundation, we made a commitment to have our areas of influence concerning working conditions evaluated, examined, and monitored by the FWF – an independent authority. The results of these examinations will be published regularly in the so-called Brand Performance Check.


The Brand Performance Check evaluates how well our working methods (e.g. our purchasing processes) support the standards concerning working conditions established by the FWF. Within the Brand Performance Check, the Fair Wear Foundation assesses the measures we have taken to promote positive changes in our production facilities. The Check is based on interviews with individuals who play an important role in our supply chain, e.g. our general management as well as the teams responsible for corporate responsibility, purchasing, and corporate communications. Additionally, a range of documents, financial records, and supplier data is analyzed.

In our first Brand Performance Check, the Fair Wear Foundation has awarded a “Good” rating. We are proud to be rated “Good”. Still, we have set much higher goals for the next year. Next step is to reach the ‘leader status’ within the Fair Wear Foundation.

Click here for the detailed results and recommendations for action pointed out by the FWF: Brand Performance Check 2017

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